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ARCHITECTURAL RENDERINGS | Berlin+Opsal Residence :: Dallas, TX

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The entryway vestibule glass work is now in along with the new flatwork around the pool area. The entryway to the house is accessed from a bridge system that leads guest over the top of the pool and then into the home. Landscaping in the main lawn area should begin next week.


color_palette_11.jpg   color_palette_2.jpg    color_palette_3.jpg Exterior and interior color and materials palette 




It’s been awhile since our last update, but it’s been a busy August and September. The roads and bridge are in for Phase II of Kessler Woods and ground breaking should probably happen sometime in mid November. Currently the house plans are in the estimating stage and we should see how we fare in about four more weeks.

One of the largest changes since the last update has been the exterior of the home. We received some preliminary numbers on the Pinstar masonry system that looked like it might put us a bit north of our initial budget. So as a cautionary move, Russ presented us with an alternative option that wraps the exterior of the home in cor-ten steel. It’s a beautiful rusting metal that develops a rich and warm patina that is constantly changing. The floor plan of the home remains unchanged, we just chose a different way to wrap the building.

Cor-ten steel was initially developed as a more affordable and durable solution for building bridges and rail systems in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s maintenance free and since it’s constantly oxidizing it takes on a living, breathing, always changing texture and color.

The most amazing thing about the switch was the way that the home interacts with the land. The Pinstar system and Calwall translucent windows gave the home a light airy exterior feel that worked like a floating Japanese lantern. By simply switching materials the house now sits heavy on the land as if it was pushed up out of the ground or chiseled away from a large mass of earth.

The only down side is we won’t quite live up to our initial concept of eliminating the framing, taping, bedding and drywall trades like we intended. As a budget oriented move, we made the decision to go back to a traditional stick build so we won’t be faced with any unforseen surprises. However we are going to try and stick with minimizing the trades upstairs by continuing to do all the walls as cabinets instead of traditional drywall.






Basic architectural models of the house. The entry is across a small bridge into a cantilevered entry vestibule with a split stair foyer. There are no walls downstairs with the exception of the large ebony stained wod cabinet system that houses the appliances on the kitchen side and the entertainment center that addresses the formal living area. The tower section defines two fantastic outdoor areas. The frst is the main lawn and pool side. The other is a nore intimate private courtyard perfect for morning coffee and private conversations.



I pretty much knew a few minutes after we walked into Russell’s office that he was the one. Russell’s work is progressive, but with a timeless and elegant touch. More importantly we felt comfortable with Russ.

Architect: Russell Buchanan

Russell is a rather soft spoken individual, but as any good artist does, he stands up for his work. I wouldn’t say Russell has a particular style, but he does have a thread of modern geometry that runs through his buildings. You can see the proportions, the lines and the masses that play off one another like a real life game of Tetris or Janga. Shapes stacked on top of one another and holes left where they feel just comfortable enough for you to question their supporting structure. Russ has a precision and an exactness that makes you appreciate these sculptures of glass, concrete, steel and wood.

Karen, Russell’s wife, was an added bonus. Karen is a sweetheart. She serves as Project Coordinator. She keeps everyone on time, on budget and on top of just about everything. And I think Amy really appreciates having the perspective of another female on the project. Which is nice.

With some architects, you know exactly what type of home or building you will get. You may not know which walls will go where, but you know exactly what it will look like. I couldn’t picture the house that Russ would build for us. We presented our program, our wants and our needs. And then Amy and I stood by as the days drifted on before our next meeting. I knew it would be progressive. I just didn’t know what it would look like.

But that’s the whole reason we hired Russ. Because we felt comfortable with him.

The rendering image above is from Buchanan Architecture and is a working model of the Ferrara/Griffin home in Kessler Woods.