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akers_construction.jpgtammysteve.jpgholley_exterior.jpgA few pics of the other homes in Kessler Woods. Homes range in size from 2000 square feet to 4500 square feet. There are 15 homes in Phase I and an additional 15 homes in Phase II.



June featured a nice spread on Russell Buchanan and his hot pool houses. This month F!D strikes up a nice 5 page spread on Matt Holley and Kessler Woods. They did a wonderful job showcasing Matt’s home which is lot 4 in Kessler Woods. Be sure to check it out. The house looks great and they have a nice write up about Matt, the development and some of the neighbors. The photos give a good sense of the detail that goes into these new modern homes.

It’s August now. We are still in the design phase of the project. The design of the house is pretty much set. We’re working through mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans now. We’ve taken a first run through fixtures and picked out some great pieces. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that budgets come back on track so Amy can get her new tub. Its by a company called Wet, and it’s one of the most simple and beautiful white rectangular boxes ever.

Our preliminary estimates, based mostly on square footage, came back a little higher than we expected, but that’s why we hired the big guns. It’s their expertise and creativity that make it all work in the end. We’re all pretty confident that we can meet the goal and we all know there will be a few sacrifices in the end to get there. But we’re still on track to create what we set out to build. As eager as we are to break ground, we’re trying not to rush it. It’s becoming very apparent, through the process and talking with others, that if you want to control the cost of the house, do it in the design phase. Once that concrete sets, it becomes very expensive to change it.

Be sure to take a look at the new 3D renderings of the house in the new movie section as well as the photo section.



F!D Luxe brings out the suits to showcase some of Russell’s work.

Nice spread in the June issue of F!D Luxe on two of Russell Buchanan’s pool houses. Russell took us on a tour of these during the interview process, minus the models of course. They are both wonderfully simple and bold creations. The Bluffview pool house has a 15′ cantilevered patio that strikes the perfect balance of tension and relaxation. It’s almost as if the house has its own diving board, mimicking the pool that sits beside it.

The Preston Hollow pool house is wrapped in a warm Douglas fir siding while its giant eyebrow overhang cools down the area surrounding it. It’s a stunning piece of architecture. The lines on the building look as though you could almost fold it up into a small little cube and tuck it away for winter.

You can see more of Russell’s work on his website. I keep hoping he’ll post the swimsuit models up there.