In early 2006 Amy Berlin and Aaron Opsal began work on a new modern residence in Dallas, TX. The neighborhood is Kessler Woods in Oak Cliff. Just a few minutes south of downtown. We developed this site to document our first house together. We have a true passion for modern architecture and we hope you will enjoy the experience and the process of seeing this building come to life.

Aaron is the owner and creative director of The Brand Hatchery, an award-winning branding, advertising, design and interactive agency in Dallas. Aaron’s daily uniform: t-shirt, jeans and Pumas. No ties. No pretense. No excuses. No late nights. A glass-half-full kinda guy, Aaron likes his coffee black, his mornings early and his wine red. He can’t live without bacon, movies or redheads. On the weekends, you will find him at an early matinee or in a bookstore in search of clean lines and great design. And where you will find Aaron, you will likely find Pepper, his loveable Weimaraner shadow.

And Amy, well she’s a redhead. Which means Aaron can’t live without her. A self-professed organizer, Amy is perfect for modern living. Everything in its place. It’s what makes her so good at what she does. After spending a number of years in legal marketing, Amy now heads up operations and account service for The Brand Hatchery. Attention to detail is her second love, followed by family, books and yoga. She’s learning to love mornings and bacon and you might find her at the bookstore with Aaron, only she’s reading the books without all the pictures.

Architect: Russell Buchanan AIA
Architect: Rebecca Browning
Project Manager: Dave duToit + Sean Ball
Builder: Sky Modern