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Kessler Woods | Berlin+Opsal Residence :: Dallas, TX

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So we are days away from welcoming our little baby girl. Amy picked out some wonderful modern baby furniture from Baby Bliss in Dallas. Simple white and neutral colors create the perfect palette for the soon-to-be onslaught of brightly colored plastic toys that will no dought cover the entire room at some point.



Updated images of the second floor hallway. Long thin windows at knee level provide ample light and create the perfect canvas above for artwork.





It’s that time of year to get out and play. It took us most of late winter to finish up the large retaining walls in the backyard. They are 40′ long runs of black lueders limestone. The 18″ x 18″ x 5′ blocks do a great job of holding everything back and defining a beautiful flat terrace of zoysia turf. The remainder of the sloped backyard is planted with Texas sage, mexican feather grass, purple fountain grass, orange african bulbine, rosemary, and a variety of other succulents.


hallway_primer.jpgThe hallway, bedrooms and closet cabinets got their first coat of primer today and the downstairs kitchen cabinets received their first coat of finish paint as well. The two guest bedrooms upstairs have a wall of floor-to-ceiling cabinets that create a beautiful reveal detail in the hallway while functioning as a closet system from within the bedroom. This allowed us to maximize the square footage upstairsĀ  as well as create some nice uninterupted walls in the two guest bedrooms. The same floor-to-ceiling cabinet systems also create and define the entertainment system, closet and bathroom in the master.


ceiling_whitewash.jpgcabinets_prepaint.jpgcabinet_ebonystain.jpgPainters have started to make things pretty. The pine wood ceiling and walls got a coat of white-wash stain. This will help the wood from yellowing over time and gives the wood a slightly ash-like finish blending nicely with the paint-grade grey cabinets. The massive rift-cut white oak cabinet also received its first splash of ebonized black stain. Special thanks to the guys at Lozoya Painting.


demolition.jpgkessler_woods_phaseiii.jpgDemolition has started on the old apartment complex that sits adjacent to Kessler Woods. These guys made quick work of taking down the rather large array of old units. The area will become Kessler Woods Phase III with garden homes, town homes, lofts and commercial/office spaces.


kessler_nolandscape1.jpgkessler_landscape_b.jpgkessler_landscape_a.jpgLandscaping in the front of the house has started with a beautiful full row of liberty holly trees that will be groomed into a perfect rectangular shape over time. The holly will provide a year-round screen of deep deep green color and privacy for the front of the home. Outside of those are four gorgeous cedar elm trees for additional privacy during the spring, summer and fall. They’ll bloom with vibrant green buds in the spring and turn to a fiery yellow in the fall just before losing their leaves.


Fort Worth Modern It was a beautiful Saturday morning back in March. An architect friend of mine mentioned a new little neighborhood in Oak Cliff. Kessler Woods Court. A small community dedicated to mid-century modern design. A must see. So that Saturday morning I took Amy to go look at the pretty houses. We were on our way to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art. The irony is that later on that afternoon we would essentially make the first move toward buying our own piece of modern art in the form of a house.To be quite honest, I didn’t even know Amy liked modern architecture. Upon further inquiry she turned out to be quite the fan as long as it’s not too cold and sterile. I guess that’s why we were both so enamored with Kessler Woods. It’s the mid-century modern approach with a 21st-century flair.So the following day we met with the realtor. Later that week, I made some inquiries with some architectural buddies about budgets. Amy and I ran some numbers. We bounced the idea off a few others and within one month we were under contract and interviewing architects.And I have to hand it to Amy, this was quite possibly the most spontaneous thing she has ever done. I just took her to look at the pretty house. She took it one step farther and called the realtor. Nice job Amy and I love you for it.